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Select From a Wider Range Of Vertical Blinds and Add an Elegant Touch to Your Office or Home

Give an elegant touch to your office or home with the highly practical vertical blinds available in different shades and material. These blinds will be helping you out to control the light entering to your room, thus you can very easily make adjustments according to your needs. You can easily find a perfect blind for your room selecting, the colour, pattern and the material best suits you.

Made to measure vertical blinds in Dubai, easy to clean, suitable for different places

Vertical blinds not only provide a greater look to your room, but they also provide the privacy, letting you to make your room darker when closed or brighten up with the sun light by opening them. Our vertical blinds are durable, easy to clean and suitable for different places. You can get them installed:

  1. If you have large doors and windows then this would be the most suitable type of the blinds for you.
  2. For offices, homes and other commercial areas where the control of light is needed.


What are the advantages

  1. Needs low maintenance
  2. Easy to handle (Just a single wand to control)
  3. Corrosion resistant
  4. Give the proper control over light
  5. Motorized control unit (if needed)
  6. Water resistant to be used for bathroom and kitchen

What’s special about our customized vertical blinds in Dubai?

Vertical blinds are coated with a special material that prevents them from fading away due to sunlight. Some of the vertical blinds are made with the special fabric that reduces the heat from the sun, complying with the different health and safety practices.

We have got a lot for you! Select from Our special collection today!

Selecting vertical blinds that suits to your home or office could be quite tricky; however our experts would be helping you out with this. Have a look below; here’s how we work for you:

  1. Just pick the one of your choice
  2. Let us to get done with the measurements
  3. Here’s the final look of your window with our customized vertical blind
Vertical Blinds