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A Guide to Highly Efficient Microsoft Business Solutions

February 13, 2020

Running a restaurant in Dubai, UAE involves handling many different functions. From taking reservations for tables, creating menus, special offers, and getting notifications from the kitchen among others. A critical factor in making your business a success is handling the restaurant POS system Dubai, effectively. Restaurant management software has come as a huge boon for the hospitality sector as it provides a well-integrated approach to run the entire operation. It also has made it easier to take orders online from customers who would prefer the food to be delivered to them. Efficiency and convenient service go a long way in developing a loyal clientele.

POS In Hospitality

A good restaurant management software brings together all the diverse operations of the hospitality enterprise together. It includes allowing the staff to check the menu, order status and get notifications from the team in the kitchen when the food is ready to be served. It also allows easy splitting of the bills, enables taking payments and orders through the mobile POS. Customers can place orders which includes any modifications directly to the chef. An integrated system allows all changes to be made on a real-time basis. All this greatly augments the customer experience and drastically improves operational efficiencies.

Restaurant POS System Dubai

Managing Reservations

Taking reservations and keeping track of cancellations is quite a chaotic process. Technology has made it possible to easily keep track of such changes to ensure that the staff are aware of table availability on enquiries. Graphical layouts of the tables enable staff to check the status on different tables in the restaurant. It makes it easier for the management to get a complete overview of the reservation status in the restaurant. Saving a lot of time by avoiding confusion that can be caused by human errors.

Marketing and Staff Management

It allows restaurants to adopt an omnichannel approach to dealing with customers. By studying customers preferences through their online order history, it becomes easier for restaurants to develop their marketing programs. They can come up with special offers which they know will appeal to their customers and result in more revenue. It becomes easier to plan their workforce requirement by analyzing the flow of customers through the restaurant management software. It greatly simplifies administration and reduces the cost of operations.

Restaurant POS System UAE

Advanced Statistical Reports

While a restaurant business functions in a very dynamic environment where decisions seem to be made in an ad hoc fashion. It is very critical for it as a business to evaluate its performance across standard metrics. Software specially developed for the hospitality industry identifies KPIs and measures the performance of staff, kitchen, reservations, purchasing among others. This provides valuable insights and highlights the key areas of concern that need to be addressed and aid in taking corrective action to enhance business performance.

Cloud Solutions

It has become much easier to get a restaurant management software which you can scale up or down as per your requirements due to cloud deployment of such technology. This greatly reduces the hardware costs and enables the creation of a stable and secure infrastructure. These can be made available over a hybrid, public, or private cloud which makes them easier to maintain and also allows easy access. An easy migration of your organization’s restaurant management software will allow you to effortlessly transform your business software into a more agile solution.