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Tips to Maintain the Spare Car Tyre

January 21, 2020

First things first, you must have a spare tire on your car at all times. If you do, then do yourself a favor and don’t neglect its maintenance. Spare tire is as important as the tires your car is currently using. Be sure that your spare is functioning and not damaged by the long period of time it was kept inside your car. Accelera tyres Dubai have a range of spares to look at.

Accelera Tyres Dubai

Replace, Don’t Repair

Check the expiry date on the sidewall of the tyres and replace it. We recommend you change the spare tire before it reaches six years. Get your spare tire replaced and not repaired. Spare tires cost less so might as well get a new one instead of working with the same one.

Check Air Pressure

When one of your tires is flat, you usually depend on a spare you have saved in the back of your car for an incident like this. What if you find out that the spare tire doesn’t have proper pressure for you complete your journey? Having a spare tire but without enough pressure is disastrous. Make sure that the pressure of your spare tire is 60 psi. Spare tires need more pressure to be filled in them because they have to last for a long time before they are called to use. Normal tires don’t actually need a psi this high, but it is recommended for spare tires.

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Go Slow

When you have replaced your damaged regular tyre with a spare tire, please don’t try to speed. Spare tires shouldn’t be subjected to more than 80 km/h. spare tires are a temporary fix and don’t have the power to sustain so much speed. So, take it easy until you get your spare out and a nice new tire fixed in.

Stop as Soon as You Can

Spare tires are for unforeseen mishaps in the middle of nowhere. When you’ve reached a point in your journey where you can take your car to a car servicing shop, please do so. The sidewalls of spare tires are not as durable as those of regular standard tyres. Don’t complete the journey with your spare tire. Spare tires are not made for long distance journeys.

These were some baseline tips to make sure you have a good spare when it is called to your service. Don’t hesitate to replace a tire if you find any cracks on it and check the spare tire’s air pressure regularly. If you don’t have a spare tire, click here to buy one. We wish you a safe driving experience!